Argos Phone

Argos operates outside of England and Ireland and is considered one of the most popular catalog retailers in the United Kingdom. The retail shops are located both online and in physical brick and mortar stores. Currently, they have over 845 stores and get almost 30 million visitors in physical stores alone, with around a billion visitors on their online stores everywhere. All of these consumers and the products they buy make the Argos company one of the largest high-street retailers in the entire United Kingdom. They have grown so large that they have begun to sell in other countries like China.

The founder of Argos, Richard Tompkins, opened the doors to the company in 1972. It was first known as the Green Shield Stamps but was renamed Argos later that same year. Seven years later, BAT Industries purchased Argos from Tompkins and quickly made it so successful that it was listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Every year Argos publishes two catalogs, one for the fall and winter and one for the spring and summer. Each one of the catalogs is 1.600 pages or more and has pictures and an in-depth description of each item in the catalog as well as prices and the catalog number so that ordering the item takes no time at all. This is a traditional form of ordering things from a retail store. The customer simply fills out the order form in the back of the catalog with the number of the items that you want. These forms can also be found within each store so that if the store does not have what you are looking for at a particular time you can order it while you are shopping and pay for it while in the store. The catalogs also come with coupons and reduced prices on items that are higher in the store.

Argos has not only sold several products from high-quality brands that are known nationwide but they also manufacture and sell several of its own brands in their stores. They have their own clothing brands, home-goods brands, cooking essentials, and anything else you could think of or need. Apart from their own brands they also have deals in place to take over the brands known as Alba, Bush, and Chad Valley which gave them even more products to offer their customers.

Argos aims to serve its customers the best way they can by offering online platforms, physical stores, and catalogs that can be found in store or shipped to the home. All of these have the contact number and ways to reach the store so you can find exactly what you need when you need it!