Virgin Media Phone

Virgin Media! This company ranks among the top five biggest telecommunication and media companies in the UK. They offer broadband internet, TV, mobile and landline services. The company is part of Liberty Global, a renowned telecommunication and media company with headquarters in London, Denver, and Amsterdam. According to recent reports, Virgin media employs more than 14,000 people and generates over 5 billion pounds every year.

How Virgin Media Started

This telecommunication company began in March 2006 following a merger of two telecommunication companies: NTL Incorporated and Telewest Communications. The merger created a company called NTL: Telewest, which later changed its name to Virgin Media.

The Management Team

Virgin Media’s management team is made up of highly experienced and talented individuals. Here are some members of the company’s management team.

Tom Mockridge

Tom Mockridge is the current CEO of Virgin Media. He took over as CEO in June 2013 after the completion of the takeover by the multinational telecommunication company, Liberty Global Plc. Tom has helped the company come up with cerebral marketing campaigns that have helped it conquer its competition and penetrate more regions.

Robert Dunn

Robert Dunn is Virgin Media’s Chief Financial Officer and Director. He has over 20 years of experience and has helped Virgin Media come up with strategies that have helped it increase its revenues and double its profits.

Other members of Virgin Media’s management team include Rob Evans, Peter Kelly, Catherine Lynch, and Jeff Dodd.

How Virgin Media Revolutionised UK’s Telecommunication and Media Industry

Before Virgin Media, UK’s internet was expensive and unreliable. When Virgin Media entered the market, things started to change. In 2010, the company launched Big Red Internet, a program that gave Virgin Media customers all the bandwidth they need, without extra charges or unnecessary restrictions.

But that’s not all. When Virgin Media came to the UK, they launched Project Lightning, a £3bn broadband digital infrastructure that helped connect more homes and businesses to broadband speeds of up to 152Mb. By the end of 2016, Virgin media had connected more than 55% of all urban areas in the UK with its super-fast broadband.

Virgin Media Today

The company continues to offer some of the most impressive broadband packages in the UK and the world as a whole. They recently upgraded their 100Mbps entry level to a 350Mbps. The company also plans to invest more money in project lighting to enable more homes and businesses to enjoy the benefits of its ultra-fast fiber-optic network. Project lighting will also enable Virgin Media customers to stream all the TV they love without lag. The company also plans to come up with programs that will help it gain more and more users.

Virgin Media Contacts

Virgin Media Telephone: 0800 052 0800